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I've been meaning to "log" my musical achievements somewhere and I figured this is the best place to do that :)

It's not much, but it's what I got...

Here's my "story"

1995 -1998 (Getting Started)

In October of 1995, my lovely wife bought me my first guitar for my birthday. Little did she know that it would be come a "hobby" that would consume much of my time and even some of hers! Were she able to look in to the future, I doubt she would have bought it for me! ;) hehe It was an acoustic guitar and at the time I was listening to a lot of rock music - Candlebox, Metallica, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, etc... So after a few months I went out and bought an electric guitar so I could start making some real noise!

I played for probably two years just in my den, playing along with the radio, trying to copy what I heard. I knew nothing of theory or chords or scales and such, just emulating what I heard on the radio.

One day, in 1997, I was supposed to be working, and found my self attending a "Liquid Lunch" instead. For those of you local to the Tampa bay area, you'll remember the 98 Rock Liquid Lunches - Live rock music and lots of beer and food :)

The band that was playing that day was called "The Bleeding Hearts" - Earl Foote (vocals), Archie Muise (guitar), Sean Colpoys (bass), and George Martin(drums) - I watched in awe as Archie tore the place up for at least an hour! That sparked in me something I'd never felt before, something I wanted to experience for myself, to be up there on that stage... Now for those of you who know me or knew me, you'd know that I'm not the "go getter" type and I'm pretty shy and introverted for the most part, but that spark was so strong I HAD to hang out and talk to Archie afterward. Of course at this point I didn't even know the guy's name, just knew he could shred like I'd never seen before. So, up I went, of course I had to wait until the mob of girls was mostly cleared out ;)

Arch at 98 Rock FestI talked to Archie, told him that I thought the band rocked and that I had just started playing guitar myself and wish I could play like that. Archie then proceeded to tell me that he gave lessons, and that was all I needed to hear! "Sign me up!" I said enthusiastically! "Sure thing man" I think was something he responded, I suspect he was trying to brush me off. hehe. He then proceeded to try and talk to a few more of the girls that were hanging out nearby. but I was determined and would not go away - I was not leaving without some contact information for my new guitar teacher! It's funny - to hear Archie tell the story goes something like this - "Yeah I was trying to hang out with some chicks after the gig and this dude would just not go away, wanted guitar lessons or something. But I remember one thing, this guy was persistent!" - and that I was!

If you want to take a break, get a cup of coffee, maybe lunch - now's a good time because the story's not over... hehe ;)

Ok, so... I started taking my lessons and that went on for - I dunno - years I guess (I'm still pretty much Archie's student!) :) but here's a cool little side story... At the time I was working for my pop at Schold Machine, and one guy that worked there (Lee Zurman) was telling me that his son, Craig, was needing some help in his I.T. department - writing software... Well that was the way I was wanting my career to go so I gave Craig a call and agreed to start working for him. Later that week I was over at Archie's for a lesson and Archie was on the phone, talking about some race car drag race and how he'd never been going that fast, etc... He hangs up the phone and asks me "So what's going on, what's new?"... "Not much, just starting some work with a guy that owns ZD integrated, doing some programming, pretty cool stuff"

"Who?" says Archie

"ZD Integrated, Craig Zurman" I answer...

"No way!" says Archie, "That was Craig on the phone I just hung up with, I've known Craig for years!"

Small world, and looking back at all we've done, I think both Archie and I realized that we were just meant to meet, one way or the other :) On top of THAT connection, there's a few more believe it or not... Sean Colpoys (bass player for Bleeding Hearts) goes on to work at ZD Integrated as well, so I would have met Archie that way... I also ended up playing in a band with Rich Cliff, who worked at ZD and also knew Archie so I would have met him that way too!

Ok so there's my first "name drop" - Archie J. Muise

Brian Welch, better known as "Head" of Korn, says this about Archie playing on his CD...

And another guy named Archie J. Muise laid some rhythm guitar tracks when I was out of the studio or was havin' a sissy fit or something. He came in played my parts for me (laughs). It was cool to have different types of musicians, ya know? In Korn, all I ever jammed with were the guys in Korn or maybe Limp Bizkit or something. These guys were different than what I was used to, ya know? It was cool to just play with some pros, ya know?

Okay - enough about Archie... C'mon man get your own page.. ;p hehe


1998 - 2004 (Blue Joules and switching to bass)

Blue Joules at hard Rock in OrlandoSo to continue my story... As I said before I go on to play in a band with Rich Cliff. At first it's just a few guys jamming together, Rich on the drums, me playing guitar, and Craig, singing... we go on like that for a year or so, doing some cover tunes writing a few new tunes, jamming with a few people here and there... But we never really pulled it together tight until one day Rich brings in a few of his friends from school, one guy sings (Rob) and one guy plays guitar (Joe) - Well Joe sets up and it's clear right away who the better guitar player is ;) Joe can play pretty good!

Well, we never really had a steady bass player, so I figured for a while I would play the bass so we could have a full band for a while at least. For 8 years, I never looked back to the guitar! While I thought, at first, bass would be easy (and boring) I was wrong on both accounts! To truly play the bass as a bass player, it takes a lot of work. It really is a completely different instrument and can add a lot to the band and overall music - a lot more than people think.

So we started to tighten things up, write a few tunes, and we played our first gig ever at Rich's birthday party April 1st (no joke!). Entitled "Rich Fest 2001" we "opened up" for Damn the Torpedoes (Greg Billings of Stranger), The Bleeding Hearts, Universal Baby (Jeremy Thomas, Sean Colpoys), and I think Tommy Ray Moody even played the party (Yes I'm again dropping names of the people I've played with and know) ;)

Blue Joules at Jannus LandingA buddy of ours, Chris Billich, came up with the name of the band for us... He had a girl that he was chatting to online, her handle was "Blue Jules" (Her name was Julie) - we played around with the idea and came up with Blue Joules (Joules as in "electricity")

Blue Joules went on to play for many years together - along the way we lost Joe, picked up Don Burns and Wade Penrod, and then lost Wade, but for the most part, Blue Joules was Rob Clark (vocals), Rich Cliff (drums), Don Burns (guitar), and me (bass). We produced two studio albums, 'Yearbook' and 'Down to This'. We played many many shows, some with some pretty big name bands like Gin Blossoms, Firehouse, Remy Zero , Big Sky and more when I can remember them! We played some pretty cool shows and festivals at places like the Hard Rock in Orlando, Janus Landing here in St. Pete, and also more when I can remember them! (sucks getting old!). We also won a few "Battle of the Bands" contests.

One other highlight to note, in 2002 (the year the Tampa Bay Buccaneers went to the Superbowl) we recorded a parody song "Going To The Superbowl" to the J. Geils tune "Centerfold" - the cool thing is that we recorded the song BEFORE the season even started! When the Bucs were actually on their way to the Superbowl, our parody was being played all over the Tampa Bay radio stations, and even at the stadium when the Bucs returned that night! Pretty cool :)

And so my story continues.....

In my never ending quest to better my playing, I stopped by the Players School of Music here in Clearwater. Since I was a "self taught" bass player, I thought some actual lessons would be good for me. I didn't really know what they were all about, just always saw the sign for the place and thought I'd stop in. I talked to someone, I thought was the receptionist, about lessons. "Jeff doesn't give private lessons anymore, you can attend the school though and come to the group classes" she was telling me... and I thought to myself, "Jeff? Who's this Jeff guy..." - While I was talking to her she asked what i did for a living. "I write software" I told her... "Oh! We really need someone to write us some software! Let me let you talk to Jeff and see if we can work something out". She led me to the back, to an office, "wait here, I'll go get him" she told me... While I was waiting I checked out the many pictures he had on the wall... Some pictures of Allan Holdsworth, the Band Yes, Frank Zappa, Bill Bruford, Billy Cobham, Issac Hayes, George Benson, K.D. Lang, Jermaine Jackson, and Larry Coryell, and my all time hero - Geddy Lee. What I didn't realize at the time was... that was this "Jeff" character was IN the pictures with all of these people! If you haven't guess already - the "Jeff" I'm talking about is Jeff Berlin. (name drop alert)

So in walks Jeff, again I'm still not really grasping the concept of who I'm really talking to, seems like a regular guy - so I'm talking to him like a regular guy hehe - I bet that threw him for a little loop, I bet most people are in awe just to be in the same room with such an iconic player. but I didn't know any better ;) But to be honest, Jeff is really a down to earth and great guy, even though he could justify a monster ego, he doesn't have one :) So Jeff and I strike up a deal - I will write him some software in exchange for some private lessons (yes - I said private lessons - with Jeff Berlin!) I still had no idea of the magnitude of my luck!

It wasn't until the next time I talked with Archie... "What the?!?!!! WHO!?!?!" I think was his exclamation. "Yeah, this dude Jeff Berlin" I said casually - Archie then proceeded to lay it out for me who Jeff was and IS in the music community. If you search for Jeff Berlin on Youtube, you'll see him jamming with Billy Sheehan, Victor Wooten, and even Jaco Pastorius, as well as some other really TOP players (and you can hear his amazing playing as well - and buy his CDs) he is also personal friends with my all time favorite - Geddy Lee (RUSH). I think when I first saw a few emails roll in to Jeff's inbox from Geddy that it actually hit me that I was in over my head! :)


2004 - 2008 (Limbo and Friends)

Well that's the bulk of my story, I went on, after Blue Joules broke up, to try and start or play in a few bands, one band was called Polk and we had one gig worth mentioning... We opened up for Switchfoot for a crowd of about 10,000 people at Cyprus Gardens. That will probably go down in the record books for me as the biggest show I've ever played :)

Along the way I've met and become friends with many people! So I thought I'd mention a few that stand out here...

When we first started playing around in the jam room, we went to Seminole Music to buy all of our gear. At the time, the manager there was Matt Buckner (Big Brother, Sunburn) I can safely say that I have bought 90% of my musical gear from Matt and him and I became and are still friends to this day! (He even came out to a show last month and jammed with the band!) :) Of course Matt has moved on to bigger and better things and now sells gear all over the world (literally), so I can't buy my gear directly from him anymore :( (hence the 10% I didn't buy from him hehe) "officlially" anyway ;)

Another couple of friends I'd like to mention are Bruno Baermann and Mike Landes... I grew up with these two guys and if it wasn't for them I might have quit playing altogether. In the time after Blue Joules I tried to join and form several bands, none panned out and I was about to give up, stopped playing for months even... Then one day I called up Bruno and Mike and "ordered" them to go out and buy some drums and a bass and come hell or high water we were going to form a band! Code 8 we called ourselves :) we played together for probably a year before we met Rich Adams and he joined the band as the singer (which we'd never had). Unfortunately Mike moved away and we struggled along without bass for a while until we met Reggie, who was a really good player and we almost got to the point where we could play out, then Reggie moved away too! and finally Bruno moved away... That left Rich and I, which leads us to the next (and current) situation - Big Moon Rocket!


2008 - Now (Big Moon Rocket)

I thought I'd check out Craig's List for anyone needing a guitar or bass player, I'd seen many ads and for some reason decided to follow up on this one, looking for a bass player... I went out to jam with the guys, Tony Motanez (vocals), Steve (guitar), and Scott Davis(Drums). and we got along and sounded pretty good :) they informed me that they had a gig scheduled in a few weeks (even better) so I joined the band right there, I figured to at least get them through the gig... So here's where it gets interesting... about two weeks before the gig Tony calls me up and says that Steve is quitting and we might have to cancel the gig! Since I'd been playing the guitar with Code 8, I figured I might be able to pull off playing the guitar for the gig - so we then recruited Rich Adams (Code 8) on the bass - I really wanted to get Rich because even though he didn't play the bass, I knew he had the passion to learn it and his vocal ability would be invaluable in the future - two great singers in a band? sounds like a good deal to me! ;)

Well Big Moon Rocket played like that for a few years, local clubs and such. We recorded our first 6 song EP "Countdown" in Tony's garage and got it played on several Internet Radio stations (VRadio). After a few years went by I was attending a funeral for our great friend Chris Billich (See him from above, the source for the Blue Joules name) and was talking to Don Burns, the guitar player for Blue Joules. Well Don wasn't really doing much and so I invited him to come jam with the band. We added Don to the band after the first Jam :) our styles on guitar are so different that it was a great match!

Big Moon Rocket conituned for a good year with a 5 man line up and we recorded our second 6 song EP "Bikini Girl", again in Tony's garage.

Story doesn't end there though! There's one more turn of events... Scott, the drummer, decides that we're all not going in the same direction and decides to part ways with the band. Rich, the bass player, played the drums growing up and would rather be a drummer than a bass player (remember we "forced" him to be the bass player) :) - so Rich is taking the drums and I am back on bass! (where I belong) :) After a few jams with this new line up we realize that THIS band is going to ROCK, without a doubt!

Well, and wouldn't you know it, but things change again LOL Rich decides that things at home are more important (and they are) and so parts ways with the band - we go through trying out a few drummers until finally getting Wade Penrod (remember Wade from playing with Blue Joules (above) for a while and he's actually Don's cousin) - Wade is a solid drummer and a great guy and we are estatic to have him in the band!

So! Big Moon Rocket (for those of you keeping score) is: Tony Montanez on Vocals and rythym guitar, Don Burns on Lead Guitar, Jamie Cunningham (that's me!) on bass, and Wade Penrod on drums

So please check out Big Moon Rocket - we do a mix of original music and cover tunes and play out around St. Pete, FL. Come check us out! :)


I am a proud player of Warwick basses - best bass on the planet!

Warwick Bass

Here is a list of the services I can provide - pleaseThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.with any questions or for a quote - give me a shot - I'm cheaper than the rest! :)

  • Software and Website Development
    • Windows Applications
    • Web Applications, basic to ecommerce, blogs, Joomla, Wordpress
    • Database Design and architecture, MSSQL, MYSQL
    • Website Hosting and Domain Registration
  • Computer Services
    • Custom Computer Builds
    • Computer Repair
    • Virus Removal
    • Data Recovery
    • Network Installation and Troubleshooting
    • Computer Training
  • Graphics
    • 3D Graphics and Animation
    • Motion Graphics
    • Special Effects
    • Graphics Design, Logos, and Corporate Identity
  • Audio / Video Production
    • Multi-track Audio Recording, Mixing, and Mastering
    • Music Composition, Jingles, and Audio Logos
    • High Definition Video Recording and Video Editing
  • CNC Machining Services
    • Signs and Engraving
    • CNC Manufacturing - Prototype Parts
    • CAD/CAM Services - Design to GCode
    • 3D Printing / Printed Parts
  • Aluminum Casting
    • Lost Foam Casting
    • Green Sand Casting

Here's a compilation of some of my favorite projects and pictures - I will upload new pictures here as I get them! :)

3DPrinter Gallery


CNC Gallery


Sign Gallery


Aluminum Foundry Gallery


Woodworking Gallery


Metalworking Gallery


My name is Jamie Cunningham and I work as a software developer in Clearwater, Florida. In addition to managing the entire organization's technology infrastructure, I also write the code for the company's internal applications and customer portal websites. In the beginning of my development career I used Borland Delphi, but since 2005 I have switched to writing web and windows apps in C# using Microsoft's .Net Framework.

Before forming Varitech in 2009, I worked in the computer industry as an on-site computer repair technician, a CAD/CAM operator in an engineering department, and as a software developer / web developer for several other companys. I was also enlisted in the Air Force and have many credit hours in Electronics Engineering. In every position I was called upon to perform duties far beyond my title's responsibilities, and this is what has given me the wide range of technology experience. For instance, at Saxotech, while working as a software developer, me and one other developer (Corky Garko) completed several corporate videos for the Saxotech User Conference. This involved filming employee interviews, video editing, and many 3D animations.

My personal interests revolve around computers in general, graphics, filmmaking, CNC machines, woodworking, metalworking, and I'm also the bass player in a pop/rock band Big Moon Rocket. Also please take a look at my Musical Biography.

My professional interests include software design, database design, website design, computer and networking hardware. I have owned my own software company as well as a consulting business for many years, but have given them up for the cushy desk job :) Although I still pull off a little "side work" here and there (just in case you need anything)

Thanks for checking out my site and subscribe to my feed so you can be up on the latest posts!


Some of my notable acheivements:

  • In The Workshop
  • Retail Software Applications
    • Musician's Atlas Contact Management System
    • Solutions Contact Management System
    • SDS Contact Management System
  • In House Software Applications
    • Priority One's Order Processing system
    • AutoImport - Application to automatically import a wide variety of data files
    • Scheduler - a program that fires off other programs on a schedule
    • Nortel BCM Phone report - Importing call data to SQL Server
    • AutoFTP - Application to automatically download files from FTP sites
    • BIP - Barcode Inspection Process Application - controlling inspection processes using barcodes
    • Numerous Importing and reporting applications
  • Desktop Applications
    • Bill Scheduler - an app that schedules out your income and bills - forcast your money!
  • Web Applications
    • Collaboband - a system for bands to collaborate amongst members
    • Maker Trader - site for managing your inventory of components and sharing them with fellow makers
    • ECommerce applications
    • Intranet Applications
    • Dynamic Internet Catalogs
    • Numerous blogs and CMS systems
  • Graphics Designand Animation
    • Numerous Corporate Logos and Corporate Identities
    • Several Coroporate 3D Presentations and Corporate Video
    • Print Ads
  • Audio
    • Mixed, Mastered, and Performed on several music CDs
    • Several music tracks created for Jim Graden's Ultimate Bodyshaping Course

NC Programming Codes

 NC Programming as per ISO (DIN 66025) and RS274

G-Codes simple definition
G00     Rapid traverse
G01     Linear interpolation with feedrate
G02     Circular interpolation (clockwise)
G03     Circular interpolation (counter clockwise)
G2/G3   Helical interpolation
G04     Dwell time in milliseconds
G05     Spline definition
G06     Spline interpolation
G07     Tangential circular / Helix / Polygon / Feedrate - interpolation
G08     Ramping function at block transition / Look ahead "off"
G09     No ramping function at block transition / Look ahead "on"
G10     Stop dynamic block preprocessing
G11     Stop interpolation during block preprocessing
G12     Circular interpolation (cw) with radius
G13     Circular interpolation (ccw) with radius
G14     Polar coordinate programming, absolute
G15     Polar coordinate programming, relative
G16     Definition of the pole point of the polar coordinate system
G17     Selection of the X, Y plane
G18     Selection of the Z, X plane
G19     Selection of the Y, Z plane
G20     Selection of a freely definable plane
G21     Parallel axes "on"
G22     Parallel axes "off"
G24     Safe zone programming; lower limit values
G25     Safe zone programming; upper limit values
G26     Safe zone programming "off"
G27     Safe zone programming "on"
G33     Thread cutting with constant pitch
G34     Thread cutting with dynamic pitch
G35     Oscillation configuration
G38     Mirror imaging "on"
G39     Mirror imaging "off"
G40     Path compensations "off"
G41     Path compensation left of the work piece contour
G42     Path compensation right of the work piece contour
G43     Path compensation left of the work piece contour with altered approach
G44     Path compensation right of the work piece contour with altered approach
G50     Scaling
G51     Part rotation; programming in degrees
G52     Part rotation; programming in radians
G53     Zero offset off
G54     Zero offset #1
G55     Zero offset #2
G56     Zero offset #3
G57     Zero offset #4
G58     Zero offset #5
G59     Zero offset #6
G63     Feed / spindle override not active
G66     Feed / spindle override active
G70     Inch format active
G71     Metric format active
G72     Interpolation with precision stop "off"
G73     Interpolation with precision stop "on"
G74     Move to home position
G75     Curvature function activation
G76     Curvature acceleration limit
G78     Normalcy function "on" (rotational axis orientation)
G79     Normalcy function "off"

G80 - G89 for milling applications:
G80     Canned cycle "off"
G81     Drilling to final depth canned cycle
G82     Spot facing with dwell time canned cycle
G83     Deep hole drilling canned cycle
G84     Tapping or Thread cutting with balanced chuck canned cycle
G85     Reaming canned cycle
G86     Boring canned cycle
G87     Reaming with measuring stop canned cycle
G88     Boring with spindle stop canned cycle
G89     Boring with intermediate stop canned cycle

G81 - G88 for cylindrical grinding applications:

G81     Reciprocation without plunge
G82     Incremental face grinding
G83     Incremental plunge grinding
G84     Multi-pass face grinding
G85     Multi-pass diameter grinding
G86     Shoulder grinding
G87     Shoulder grinding with face plunge
G88     Shoulder grinding with diameter plunge
G90     Absolute programming
G91     Incremental programming
G92     Position preset
G93     Constant tool circumference velocity "on" (grinding wheel)
G94     Feed in mm / min (or inch / min)
G95     Feed per revolution (mm / rev or inch / rev)
G96     Constant cutting speed "on"
G97     Constant cutting speed "off"
G98     Positioning axis signal to PLC
G99     Axis offset
G100   Polar transformation "off"
G101   Polar transformation "on"
G102   Cylinder barrel transformation "on"; cartesian coordinate system
G103   Cylinder barrel transformation "on," with real-time-radius compensation (RRC)
G104   Cylinder barrel transformation with center line migration (CLM) and RRC
G105   Polar transformation "on" with polar axis selections
G106   Cylinder barrel transformation "on" polar-/cylinder-coordinates
G107   Cylinder barrel transformation "on" polar-/cylinder-coordinates with RRC
G108   Cylinder barrel transformation polar-/cylinder-coordinates with CLM and RRC
G109   Axis transformation programming of the tool depth
G110   Power control axis selection/channel 1
G111   Power control pre-selection V1, F1, T1/channel 1 (Voltage, Frequency, Time)
G112   Power control pre-selection V2, F2, T2/channel 1
G113   Power control pre-selection V3, F3, T3/channel 1
G114   Power control pre-selection T4/channel 1
G115   Power control pre-selection T5/channel 1
G116   Power control pre-selection T6/pulsing output
G117   Power control pre-selection T7/pulsing output
G120   Axis transformation; orientation changing of the linear interpolation rotary axis
G121   Axis transformation; orientation change in a plane
G125   Electronic gear box; plain teeth
G126   Electronic gear box; helical gearing, axial
G127   Electronic gear box; helical gearing, tangential
G128   Electronic gear box; helical gearing, diagonal
G130   Axis transformation; programming of the type of the orientation change
G131   Axis transformation; programming of the type of the orientation change
G132   Axis transformation; programming of the type of the orientation change
G133   Zero lag thread cutting "on"
G134   Zero lag thread cutting "off"
G140   Axis transformation; orientation designation work piece fixed coordinates
G141   Axis transformation; orientation designation active coordinates
G160   ART activation
G161   ART learning function for velocity factors "on"
G162   ART learning function deactivation
G163   ART learning function for acceleration factors
G164   ART learning function for acceleration changing
G165   Command filter "on"
G166   Command filter "off"
G170   Digital measuring signals; block transfer with hard stop
G171   Digital measuring signals; block transfer without hard stop
G172   Digital measuring signals; block transfer with smooth stop
G175   SERCOS-identification number "write"
G176   SERCOS-identification number "read"
G180   Axis transformation "off"
G181   Axis transformation "on" with not rotated coordinate system
G182   Axis transformation "on" with rotated / displaced coordinate system
G183   Axis transformation; definition of the coordinate system
G184   Axis transformation; programming tool dimensions
G186   Look ahead; corner acceleration; circle tolerance
G188   Activation of the positioning axes
G190   Diameter programming deactivation
G191   Diameter programming "on" and display of the contact point
G192   Diameter programming; only display contact point diameter
G193   Diameter programming; only display contact point actual axes center point
G200   Corner smoothing "off"
G201   Corner smoothing "on" with defined radius
G202   Corner smoothing "on" with defined corner tolerance
G203   Corner smoothing with defined radius up to maximum tolerance
G210   Power control axis selection/Channel 2
G211   Power control pre-selection V1, F1, T1/Channel 2
G212   Power control pre-selection V2, F2, T2/Channel 2
G213   Power control pre-selection V3, F3, T3/Channel 2
G214   Power control pre-selection T4/Channel 2
G215   Power control pre-selection T5/Channel 2
G216   Power control pre-selection T6/pulsing output/Channel 2
G217   Power control pre-selection T7/pulsing output/Channel 2
G220   Angled wheel transformation "off"
G221   Angled wheel transformation "on"
G222   Angled wheel transformation "on" but angled wheel moves before others
G223   Angled wheel transformation "on" but angled wheel moves after others
G265   Distance regulation – axis selection
G270   Turning finishing cycle
G271   Stock removal in turning
G272   Stock removal in facing
G274   Peck finishing cycle
G275   Outer diameter / internal diameter turning cycle
G276   Multiple pass threading cycle
G310   Power control axes selection /channel 3
G311   Power control pre-selection V1, F1, T1/channel 3
G312   Power control pre-selection V2, F2, T2/channel 3
G313   Power control pre-selection V3, F3, T3/channel 3
G314   Power control pre-selection T4/channel 3
G315   Power control pre-selection T5/channel 3

G316   Power control pre-selection T6/pulsing output/Channel 3
G317   Power control pre-selection T7/pulsing output/Channel 3

Note that some of the above G-codes are not standard. Specific control features, such as laser power control, enable those optional codes.


M codes simple definition
M00     Unconditional stop

M01     Conditional stop
M02     End of program
M03     Spindle clockwise
M04     Spindle counterclockwise
M05     Spindle stop
M06     Tool change (see Note below)
M19     Spindle orientation
M20     Start oscillation (configured by G35)
M21     End oscillation
M30     End of program
M40     Automatic spindle gear range selection
M41     Spindle gear transmission step 1
M42     Spindle gear transmission step 2
M43     Spindle gear transmission step 3
M44     Spindle gear transmission step 4
M45     Spindle gear transmission step 5
M46     Spindle gear transmission step 6
M70     Spline definition, beginning and end curve 0
M71     Spline definition, beginning tangential, end curve 0
M72     Spline definition, beginning curve 0, end tangential
M73     Spline definition, beginning and end tangential
M80     Delete rest of distance using probe function, from axis measuring input
M81     Drive On application block (resynchronize axis position via PLC signal during the block)
M101-M108   Turn off fast output byte bit 1 (to 8)
M109   Turn off all (8) bits in the fast output byte
M111-M118   Turn on fast output byte bit 1 (to 8)
M121-M128   Pulsate (on/off) fast output byte bit 1 (to 8)
M140    Distance regulation “on” (configured by G265)
M141    Distance regulation “off”
M150    Delete rest of distance using probe function, for a probe input (one of 16, M151-M168)
M151-M158   Digital input byte 1 bit 1 (to bit 8) is the active probe input
M159    PLC cannot define the bit mask for the probe inputs
M160    PLC can define the bit mask for the probe inputs (up to 16)
M161-M168   Digital input byte 2 bit 1 (to bit 8) is the active probe input
M170    Continue the block processing look ahead of the part program (cancel the M171)
M171    Stop the block processing look ahead of the probe input part program segment (like a G10)
M200    Activate the handwheel operation in the automatic mode (to introduce an offset in the program)
M201-M208   Select the axis (by number from 1 to 8) for the handwheel operation
M209    Activate the handwheel operation in the automatic mode, with PLC control of the axis selection
M210    Deactivate the handwheel input while in the automatic mode
M211    Deactivate this handwheel feature and also remove the handwheel offset (if any)
M213    Spindle 2 clockwise
M214    Spindle 2 counterclockwise
M215    Spindle 2 stop
M280    Switchable spindle/rotary axis, rotary axis on, first combination
M281    Switchable spindle/rotary axis, rotary axis on, second combination
M290    Switchable spindle/rotary axis, spindle enabled, first combination
M291    Switchable spindle/rotary axis, spindle enabled, second combination

Note: Other machine functions, like tool change (usually M06) or coolant control, have their M-code value specified by the PLC application not by the CNC software. Most of the M-code values in above list are configurable.

Other M-codes (up to M699) can be handled by the PLC application based on the particular machine requirements.


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