I was looking for tablet holders that my wife could use in the kitchen to display her recipes while she was baking and I found a few nice one's but they were way too expensive. So I thought to my self "I can make that myself for a lot cheaper" - that's pretty much what I say to anything LOL

So I went down to Woodcraft and got a cool chuck of wood (they have a few shelves full of great wood for bandsaw boxes and whatever other project you have going) - I WISH I remembered what kind of wood it was because after the finish went on I LOVE the wood - in the pictures the wood is unstained - polyurethane only - what a great color!

So I took the chunk of wood (that was probably about 4" X 5" X 3") and ran it through the planer to get it all nice and smooth and even

Then I set my Radial Arm Saw for a rip cut and tilted the blade about 30 degrees and positioned it about an inch away from the fence and about an inch off the table (or so i did not actually measure it, just eyeballed a good distance)

Then ripped a channel down the wood. I proceeded to move the blade out a notch and rip another pass, and when I got around to where my tablet would fit in then that's where I stopped - purely scientific approach here :)

For the other side I tilted the blade about 60 degrees - again just really guessing / eyeballing to get a good angle

Once I had the channels all cut I then cut the block of wood in pieces to make the sides - I ended up with about 6 sides so I could make 3 tablet holders

Then I drilled a hole for the cross piece and then turned a piece of aluminum down to the exact right size for the hole and glued it in with Contact Adhesive

Sanded everything down and put on a few coats of poly and that's about it! Check out the pictures!

Some of you may ask why I didn't just cut the profile on my homemade CNC machine - and the answer to that is every once in a while I like to do some projects the "old fashioned way" LOL :)