Being the Cheapo that I am I decided to make my own Quick Change Tool Post. I figured if it didn't work very well then I'd chaulk it up to a learning experience ;) Turns out it works really well!

First things first - I've been turning all my casting sprues for practice and here's what that all looks like :)

Quick Change Tool Post

I saw this design a few times and thought it looked easy enough to make - I "borrowed" the t-nut, screw, and handle from the tool post that came with the Enco :)

I didn't go off of any plans or work out any dimensions - probably not a good way to work (or habit to get into) :)

The first picture is the freshly fly cut blank next to the post and in the top left is the rough aluminum block I got - the post was turned from a large square block of aluminum

The next few pictures are after drilling and boring out the hole - then a few pictures of it "assembled" and ready to mill the slot for the tool holder area - then a couple of pictures of the milled slot with a tool in place and the last picture is from the video I took of it in action (pretty boring video that I probably wont upload)

Ok That's it - any questions or comments I'd love to hear them - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.