Metalworking Projects

Here are some of my Metalworking projects, probably with my Enco 3-in-1 Mill / Drill / Lathe

Here's how I made my own bandsaw bearing guides from aluminum tubing and regular skate bearings - for like $20 :)

I've been busy making a wobbler engine -I wasn't too sure it was going to work so I didn't take much "during" pictures - but here's a video of me testing the function :)

Here's my first official project with my new Mill Drill Lathe - I wanted to make my own live center - so here are some pics!

Being the Cheapo that I am I decided to make my own Quick Change Tool Post. I figured if it didn't work very well then I'd chaulk it up to a learning experience ;) Turns out it works really well!

I was thinking about making my own linear rails and started looking into how they actually make them. One thing I saw was using a Blanchard Grinder to precision grind steel into a rail.