Using a Parallax Propeller Proto board and a Pololu Stepper Driver - I've built a home made power feed for my lathe / mill / drill - Check it out!

 UPDATE 12/1/2011 : I've finally worked out a "schematic" for how I wired things up - as usual if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask :)

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UPDATE 7/2/2011 : Success! The homemade power feed still was not powerful enough after using the Pololu board - so I tried a different stepper motor - a bigger one... and it works pretty good now and I bet it would have worked with the Easydriver board and this larger stepper too - Check out the video below!


Also check out the post for the homemade timing pulleys HERE



Basically I've wired up an Easydriver stepper controller to a Parallax Propeller Proto board and written a little program to drive a stepper at different speeds based on a potentiometer. There's also a direction switch and a limit switch set up like any good power drive system should have :) Although mine cost me about $50 as opposed to $300 - $500 for a "real" one ;)

First is a bunch of pictures of the assembly - I will work up a schematic and post it here as well if I get anybody that wants one :)

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I also made a video explaining as much as I could