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I made a lot of progress on the CNC this weekend! I added a second bar for the X axis and another set of wheels for stability - it really helped with the little bit of play I was getting from the cheap patio door bearings and the second bar helped a lot with some shaking / vibrating I was getting as well... I also added a bar across the middle of the table because the aluminum bed was flexing ever so slightly near the middle - now it's rock solid!

I also bolted down a piece of MDF that will cover the bed and I ran the router across it to true it up - it was actually only off about .003" from one side to the other but I decided to true it up anyway... if you can see the lines going lengthwise - those must be because my router isn't exactly vertical :( it's off about .0005" maybe but it's going to be difficult to adust and I'll probably just live with that one ;)

After pocketing out at the extents of the machine - I'm going to get about 31" X 48" of routable area - which is about what I was shooting for, so I'm happy!

There's only a few things left to do - limit switches, wire manangement, and I have to make some kind of dust / vacuum attachement. I'm also going to drill and put threaded inserts in the table for clamping... and then lastly I'll probably put a layer of hardboard that will be my sacrificial material that I will replace as it gets used...

Check out the pictures! and I've got a "job" to cut out a small yard silhouette already so I'll take pictures and video of that! Stay Tuned! ;)