In my neverending quest to come up with a good(cheap) linear bearing idea - I had bought some "Butcher Boy" bearings off of eBay for cheap. Well they were way too sloppy for any linear motion - so here's how I converted them into good Homemade V-Bearings that I could use (and still for cheap) :)

Here's the quick and dirty recipe...

  1. Butcher Boy Bearing
  2. Two 1606ZZ Skate Bearings from

That's it! ;)

Basically I used my drill press to drill out the center bearing on the Butcher Boy bearing (actually just starting to drill half the time knocked out some "ring" and the thing fell apart) then I pressed the skate bearings in (using my vice - I know, not good, but it's all I have)

Some of the Butcher Boy bearings were oversized and made the skate bearings loose - I just chucked those because anything I tried would not make them good enough

Here's some pictures of my homemade v bearings!

{rokbox album=|ButcherBoy|}images/stories/ButcherBoy/*.jpg{/rokbox}