Here's the latest Z Axis and Router mount for my homemade CNC machine! Check it out! Pictures and Video as usual!

Well after re-doing the Y axis I used some MDF for my Z Axis and router mount - so here's the new and improved Z Axis and router mount in aluminum!

The holes that hold the the router mount in place are set up so I can tilt the router mount 45 degrees or 90 degrees in either direction! I had this idea when I was trying to grind a 45 degree chamfer on my Y Axis rail, so I designed the mount to be able to rotate by 45 degree angles.

The router mounts are designed to take any router from 2.5 inches to 3.5 inches (or so) - So I can mount my trim router, my Hitachi, and even my angle grinder!

With that said - if anyone is in my area (Clearwater, FL) and needs 45 degree chamfered rails - contact me and we'll get-r-done :)

Without further ado - here's the pictures and one video of the router mounts being milled

{rokbox album=|NewZAxis|}images/stories/NewZAxis/*.jpg{/rokbox}

Here's the video - nothing fancy! :) (Right-Click / Save As)