Here's a custom 3D piece that I modeled, programmed, and milled - Pictures and Video! :)

My Buddy Daryl Kyle in Texas makes movie props and swords. He had the idea to make the Sword of Power from the He-Man movie and turned to me for making the elaborate hilt. I tried to hunt down a previously modeled version to use but there was not any to be found (for free and I'm cheap so....) I took some time and modeled it. I started out in Lightwave and got the basic shape down, but recently I have been working more with Maya so I converted it to that format and continued.

I also used Mudbox for some sculpting to tweak a few things here and there

Next I loaded the piece into Artcam as a relief and generated a roughing toolpath and then the 3D milling toolpath

Here's some pictures throughout the process and the (kinda long) video of it being milled :) and I'll post pictures of his completed sword when he's done too

Thanks for checking it out!

{rokbox album=|HeMan|}images/stories/HeMan/*.jpg{/rokbox}

Daryl's made some progress and here are a few pictures from his side of things! Mock up of hilt on the sword, wax mold, and bronze castings - Very cool stuff!

{rokbox album=|Daryls|}images/stories/HeMan/DarylsPics/*.jpg{/rokbox}

Here's the video - I decided to host it here AND Youtube because YouTube is SOO slow lately

{rokbox title=|Hosted By me|}images/stories/HeMan/Custom3DMilling.mp4{/rokbox}