My new friend Bob found the site via the web and contacted me about making some roses for the jewelry box he was making for his wife, so here they are!


Bob had a picture of the rose he wanted, so I had to take the rose and make it 3D. Artcam works great for such things, but the picture has to be cleaned up and some colors added to the different areas so that you can work with them. After you have the colors you can basically work with each color adding volume to that area in a variety of styles. 

After you have the "relief" as Artcam calls it - you generate the toolpaths in 3 stages... The roughing pass, the detail pass, and the final cut out. You can also preview how the operation will look without ever going to the machine!

the roughing pass doesn't look like anything good will come of it LOL but after the detail pass things look really nice!
{rokbox}images/stories/3DRoses/Rough.jpg{/rokbox} {rokbox}images/stories/3DRoses/Detail.jpg{/rokbox} {rokbox}images/stories/3DRoses/AllFour.jpg{/rokbox}

and here's the final pieces and a video of the machine milling it out.


Update 12/3/2010: Bob sent me a picture of the roses on the door he made, and how he painted them - looks great!

{rokbox}images/stories/3DRoses/DoorPicture004.jpg{/rokbox} {rokbox}images/stories/3DRoses/jb1007.jpg{/rokbox} {rokbox}images/stories/3DRoses/jb1012.jpg{/rokbox}


Update 6/7/2011: The jewelry chest is finished! Here are some pictures of the finished piece - looks amazing!

{rokbox album=|finishedjewelry|}images/stories/3DRoses/finished/*.jpg{/rokbox}