I am working on a project for my Enco Mill Drill Lathe - it's a Power Feed driven by a Parallax Propeller and EasyDriver - part of the project involves making some Timing Pulleys to hook it all up! So this post is about the Timing Pulleys! Check out some pictures and videos!

These were made on my homemade 4th Axis and using Bob Adams Timing Pulley Generator

First thing I had to do was turn down the aluminum to the right size - I was making two pulleys - a 10 tooth and 20 tooth for a .200 XL belt

On the lathe lead screw, there's only a little bit of room at the end, so I also wanted to make this timing pulley an extension so I could still have the hand crank - in the last pictures you can see the timing pulley / extension installed on the Enco.

Check out my post on the electronics part of this project HERE

{rokbox album=|timingpulley|}images/stories/TimingPulleys/*.JPG{/rokbox}

And here's the video!