CNC Projects

These are my posts about my CNC hobby, now to include my new Reprap 3d Printer :)

Made a sign for Pop for Father's day on my homemade CNC machine - Check it out!

No the sign isn't made out of Kevlar, it's made out of wood (Red Oak to be exact) - the baby's name is Kevlar ;) Check out the custom sign I made for his room on my homemade CNC machine!

Hey everybody! Here's an article about my second homemade CNC machine!

Machine #1 is working! BUT! There is too much flex! So I decided to start on machine #2 already! :)

I made a "praying soldier" yard silhouette piece for a lady who found me on Craig's List. Stands about 30" tall and about 40" wide - Check out the pictures!

Here's a look at my first engraved sign!