CNC Projects

These are my posts about my CNC hobby, now to include my new Reprap 3d Printer :)

I ordered some anti-backlash nuts from Dumpster CNC and started working on making some brackets and get them installed.


When I was designing my "Ultimate Workbench" I had initially wanted to build in a router table - but then I got to thinking that I already have a router table in my CNC machine! I just needed a way to manually run boards if I wanted to - and here's how I built the manual router table for my CNC machine

I was getting some flex in the Y Axis of my homemade cnc machine (believe it or not with those beefy aluminum extrusions) It was actually twisting... So I had to beef it up a bit with some 1/4" steel bar - here's how I grinded a 45 degree chamfer on the steel for my wheels to roll on!

Here's the latest Z Axis and Router mount for my homemade CNC machine! Check it out! Pictures and Video as usual!

I'm making Christmas Presents this year on the homemade CNC machine! Here's the first one... A custom picture frame! Check it out...