Wow I can't believe we are halfway through the year already - time flies!

I haven't been doing a whole lot lately - printed a few minor things, but nothing extraordinary. The CNC machine hasn't been fired up in months either - I guess I'm in a slump LOL I'm sure it'll come around ;)

Propeller Activity BoardI did buy the new Parallax Propeller Activity Board and started playing with that - it's by far the best Prop board I've seen with built on Analog to Digital and Digital to Analog converters, built in 1'8" jack for audio playback, built on 3 pin headers for servos and such, built on SD card slot and last but not least jacks for the XBe wireless module - oh! and a nice little bread board section too - very cool board and I probably will buy a few of them for my projects! Get yours here!

Also in the Propeller arena - I've started working in the new SimpleIDE and programing for the Prop in C - since I program all day in C# it's a lot more familiar than SPIN for sure - still got a few quirks to work out but I think it'll be tons better! Expect to see the Monster in a Box Halloween prop reprgrammed in C on the new Propeller Activity Board! :)

 and last but not least I started listing all my excess electronics on eBay - so please support the site and check out my auctions HERE :)