Have I mentioned that I LOVE having a homemade 3D printer? :)

I am making some videos for my band Big Moon Rocket and I am using my Canon T4i DSLR to record the video - You may have noticed my DSLR rig in the featured posts above (if not check it out)

Well, on with the story... I have an 8' camera crane, and the last time we filmed with the crane it was a pain to try and see what was on the little DSLR screen when the crane was up in the air. So I figured out how to connect my Canon T4i to my Samsung G-Tab tablet - Using the DSLR Connect app and a regular USB cable (The Samsung G-Tab has a regular USB port - it's like the only one of it's kind I SO lucked out and didn't have to buy an adapter!) - anyway I'm set up to use the tablet as an external monitor that can show the crane operator what's on the camera - it can even start and stop the video and change settings and everything - it's AWESOME! :)

Weeeelllllll Now I need some way to mount the tablet on the tripod... Of course there are things you can buy for that... but I am not down with that LOL Not when I have the opportunity to design and print anything I want!

Without further ado - here's my custom homemade 3D printed tripod mounted tablet holder :) (say that 3 times fast LOL)

Homemade Filmmaking Gear