Just sharing my latest little project - I made some pens on the lathe. They came out pretty good for my first try at it, I haven't turned any wood in over a year so it was all a bit rusty to me. I made three pens, one from Purple Heart wood, one from Red Oak wood, and one from Buck Eye Burl wood (the best out of all of them - the one in the middle) so here they are :)

In other news (as there usually is) I put a new table top on the CNC machine and added some aluminum t-track slots so I can clamp things down easier - I also made two clamping jig things and milled them while on the CNC so I can use them to make sure boards are lined up straight with the CNC - this came in hand on my latest project (article coming soon) where I needed to route channels in long 2X6 boards. Here's a pic of the latest look at my homemade CNC machine!

OK that's it - look for a new article soon about my Portable First Lego Leage Practice Table! :)