Well it's been awhile since I've posted - Sorry about that! I know you're all hanging on the edge of your seats waiting for my posts! ;)

I've been busy working on a lot of electronics stuff - figuring out how I'm going to make my latest project work - I am working on a Monster In A Box Halloween prop - basically when the kiddies come up to the door for candy, the box, which will say something like "Danger - keep away - wild animal" the lid will start to bounce up and down like something is trying to get out :) hopefully it will give a nice little scare :) I will post more on that as I get more into it, but I have created the box part of it already - check it out
In other news I've spent the last few weekends building a new wall in the workshop and building myself a new built in workbench! As you know my "shop" is the garage and I've always just had a tarp hanging to separate my shop from the laundry area (sawdust in the shorts ain't so nice) so I decided to build a proper wall to keep things separate - plus that gives me the ability to put a workbench on my side and shelves and such on the laundry side :) Here's a picture of the new wall and workbench

On my side of the wall I decided to go with the french (pinch?) cleats for hanging stuff, it's flexible and easy to put up. If you can see on the concrete wall on the left I have the computer and CNC controller hanging on a cleat, and I've made a few hangers so far for my wrenches - but there's lots more to make! I also turned my homemade CNC machine along the wall to give me a little more area next to it. Right now the Reprap 3D printer is sitting on the CNC machine - it's awaiting a proper permanent home (that means I'm trying to figure out where to put it!) LOL

Ok that's it for this post - stay tuned because I need to finish that MIAB project before Halloween! So I should be posting the completed project soon! :)