My name is Jamie Cunningham and I work as a software developer in Clearwater, Florida. In addition to managing the entire organization's technology infrastructure, I also write the code for the company's internal applications and customer portal websites. In the beginning of my development career I used Borland Delphi, but since 2005 I have switched to writing web and windows apps in C# using Microsoft's .Net Framework.

Before forming Varitech in 2009, I worked in the computer industry as an on-site computer repair technician, a CAD/CAM operator in an engineering department, and as a software developer / web developer for several other companys. I was also enlisted in the Air Force and have many credit hours in Electronics Engineering. In every position I was called upon to perform duties far beyond my title's responsibilities, and this is what has given me the wide range of technology experience. For instance, at Saxotech, while working as a software developer, me and one other developer (Corky Garko) completed several corporate videos for the Saxotech User Conference. This involved filming employee interviews, video editing, and many 3D animations.

My personal interests revolve around computers in general, graphics, filmmaking, CNC machines, woodworking, metalworking, and I'm also the bass player in a pop/rock band Big Moon Rocket. Also please take a look at my Musical Biography.

My professional interests include software design, database design, website design, computer and networking hardware. I have owned my own software company as well as a consulting business for many years, but have given them up for the cushy desk job :) Although I still pull off a little "side work" here and there (just in case you need anything)

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Some of my notable acheivements:

  • In The Workshop
  • Retail Software Applications
    • Musician's Atlas Contact Management System
    • Solutions Contact Management System
    • SDS Contact Management System
  • In House Software Applications
    • Priority One's Order Processing system
    • AutoImport - Application to automatically import a wide variety of data files
    • Scheduler - a program that fires off other programs on a schedule
    • Nortel BCM Phone report - Importing call data to SQL Server
    • AutoFTP - Application to automatically download files from FTP sites
    • BIP - Barcode Inspection Process Application - controlling inspection processes using barcodes
    • Numerous Importing and reporting applications
  • Desktop Applications
    • Bill Scheduler - an app that schedules out your income and bills - forcast your money!
  • Web Applications
    • Collaboband - a system for bands to collaborate amongst members
    • Maker Trader - site for managing your inventory of components and sharing them with fellow makers
    • ECommerce applications
    • Intranet Applications
    • Dynamic Internet Catalogs
    • Numerous blogs and CMS systems
  • Graphics Designand Animation
    • Numerous Corporate Logos and Corporate Identities
    • Several Coroporate 3D Presentations and Corporate Video
    • Print Ads
  • Audio
    • Mixed, Mastered, and Performed on several music CDs
    • Several music tracks created for Jim Graden's Ultimate Bodyshaping Course